Dimmer Box with Effects Controller (for LED C7, C9 & Mini Lights)

DEkra-Lite - Dimmer Box with Effects Controller (for LED C7, C9 & Mini Lights)
Dekra-Lite - Effects Controller (for LED C7, C9 & Mini Lights)

Dimmer Box with Effects Controller (for LED C7, C9 & Mini Lights)

Bring your property's lighting to the next level with our Effects Controller. This multi-port Dimmer Box and remote control is pre-programmed with 12 eye-catching sequenced effects to create a festive show on retail store fronts, perimeter lighting, garden and yard decor, and foliage.

  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • 12 built-in dimming effects software such as chase, twinkle and glow
  • 5 Channels
  • Remote Control Battery: CR2025 Lithium Cell
  • LED/Lights: LED C7, C9, Mini Lights
  • Watts: 100 per channel
  • Length/Bulb Spacing: Not Applicable
  • Lens Type: LED C7, C9, Mini Lights
  • Dimming: 10 Max Dimmers per controller
  • Maximum Run: 100 watts per Output/Channel, 20-feet between each box
  • Rating: Interior/Exterior
  • Rated Life: Not Applicable
SUBSTITUTIONS: This is a made-to-order product created in our workshop by our highly skilled elves. Because each creation is comprised of many unique elements, some variations may occur, and in some cases some part substitutions may be made. Note that the completed product may vary slightly from the item pictured here. Please rest assured that our team will meet your needs and still come with the same quality satisfaction guarantee.


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