RGB Plus Tree Collection

RGB Plus Tree Collection

Boasting the newest technology in the holiday decor industry, the RGB Plus Tree Collection furthers the capabilities of illumination technology. The new, brighter and vivid full-spectrum color changing RGB LED lights can be programmed to dance, twinkle, and shimmer with accompanying classic holiday music. This technology creates mesmerizing animation, taking the guest experience to the next level.

For our RGB Premium Plus Tree Collection (Trees 36' and higher), please click here

Grid List

  1. RGB Tree Collection - 14', 16', 18', 20', 24', 30'

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    Starting at: $12,660.00

    Included in your RGB Plus Sequoia Tree Program:

    • Sequoia Tree comes with frame, branches, tree topper and assembly hardware
    • Linux-based control system
    • Network Distribution Box (NDB) assemblies with Power Transformers installed
    • Spacer Cables and Smart T's to connect the NDBs to the Branches
    • Network Switch and Switch Box
    • Category 5 Data Cables
    • Mini Controller for Branch testing with Power Transformer
    • 200w Speaker with Cable
    • Spare Parts package including: extra cables, NDB Box, and Tree Branches

    Accessories for your Tree:

    • Click HERE to see an Ornamentation Package estimate
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